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Author while teaching in  Munich, Germany

Author while teaching in Bratislava, Slovakia

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Author while teaching in Vienna, Austria

About the Author

JJ Botta is a freelance writer and college professor. His resume contains numerous online and magazine publications on a variety of topics. He is the author of eighteen books in the fields of Writing and the Humanities and provides personalized tutoring services for ages high school and above, writing workshops for adults, and online freelance content writing. He resides with his wife in Palm Coast, Florida.


Latest Publications:


Perspectives of an Ordinary Man: Snapshots of Life

You Know What's in the Book, So Find It: An Easy Way to Read Literature

Better Writing, Better Job: A Simple Guide to Rapid Improvement of Written Communication Skills

American Criminology: A Mini-Course


Other Works by This Author Include:


Are Your Beliefs Logical? THINK for a Better Life


A Hemingway Legacy: The Creative Nonfiction Memoir


Surviving the Journey: A Universal Approach for the Student Critic


Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast: A Study in the Genre of Memoir


Roots of Buddhism in Pre-Communist China


7 Writing Tricks for the Clueless! Magical Improvement of Writing Skills


Criminological Theories & Theorists: An American Social Perspective on Crime


Murder on My Mind: Short Story Homicides


Theft: Progressive Ravaging of the American Dream


To Hug an Angel: An Adoption Nightmare


The St. Augustine Bucket List



Online Publications Include:


“Philosophy and Contemporary Issues”


“Free Speech and Pornography”


“The Responsibility of Criminals”


“Rationalism v. Empiricism”

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