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Mini Self-Improvement Courses

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This course is designed for those who wish to more readily discover the essence of fiction literature through the identification of the heroic quest pattern found in classic and modern novels.

For the informed reader using the technique outlined in this mini guide, The Odyssey can be as easy to comprehend as Little Red Riding Hood. 

There are many complicated methods of approaching literature in the academic world, but none of them afford readers a more simple, enjoyable way to gain meaning from the books we love.

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Perhaps you were rejected from the college of your choice. Maybe you did not qualify for your job promotion. Many people enjoy writing on web logs, yet they cannot seem to attract blogging friends. If you are one of those people who spends more time explaining what you have written because you have been misunderstood or misinterpreted, this is the book for you. The truth is many people never reach their life goals, not because of poor ability, skill, or intelligence, but due to faulty writing skills. Research shows it is more likely that employees are held back by their lack of writing proficiency than other basic skills. The one-week method outlined in this book will eradicate the most common writing difficulties and put you on the road to success.
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This course is designed for those who wish to acquire an overview of the field of Criminology in contemporary America.

Particularly helpful as a supplemental text for college students, criminological theory from the dawn of its theoretical roots is considered. Societal crime mythology in the modern age is covered in understandable terms with examples for clarification.


This mini course represents a concise treatment of the multidisciplinary approaches to Criminology practiced in the United States today through a melding of philosophical real-life sociological problems. 

Coming Soon
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This mini-anthology is the perfect guide for anyone wishing to improve self-confidence, increase employment opportunities, and succeed in educational pursuits. Professor Botta takes his readers through a series of powerful self-improvement concepts designed to enhance academic skills without stress or

© 2018 by JJ Botta

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