New Coconut Book Reviews

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Welcome blogging friends. At this point in my writing career, I have decided to embark upon some new ventures. I have spent much time teaching at the university level, both in the USA and abroad. Between my writing, speaking, and teaching obligations, I never completed some of the nonfiction book projects I began, and I never got the chance to professionally review as many books and other writings as I would have liked outside of the academic arena. I would like to experiment with a few of my ideas via this blog.

First, I want to begin by encouraging any indie authors who desire to advertise their publications to e-mail me an image of their book, along with a link for perspective purchasers and a brief description of the work. I will publish those books at this location. Free advertising can never be bad!

Second, should anyone desire a professional review of their work, I would be happy to provide one free of charge while I am building my website. My reviews would be honest, and I would post them on this blog, only if desired. I will not post negative reviews about any indie author’s work product. E-mail me if interested.

Third, I belong to many writers’ associations and websites. My previous work obligations prevented me from taking the time to participate in online dialogue with other writers. More participation in social media is one of my goals.

Hope to connect with many writers out there.

JJ Botta