What Exactly Does a Writing Tutor Do?

The typical client hiring a writing tutor in 2019 is concerned with the general improvement of writing skills. Tutoring is most often associated with academic performances and clients are naturally focused on a magic formula for getting better grades in school. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill.

Writing tutors are well-intentioned and expensive. They offer critiques aimed at improving writing skills and advise struggling students on better ways to complete writing assignments and research papers. Tutors enjoy the task of developing strategies for students as aids to skill development. Such accomplishments are wonderful goals. That being said, why then does it take so long to accomplish those achievements? The answer might be quite simple. Students, metaphorically speaking, are asking for the time, but are being taught how to make a clock.

Americans spend approximately ten years in classrooms before their sophomore year in high school. During that time, they are drilled on the rules of grammar, syntax, punctuation, writing styles, etc. To many of them, the lessons are more complicated than Quantum Physics. There are so many rules for proper apostrophe and comma usage, modifying words, and parallel structure that students become lost in the technical side of written communication. Many fail to communicate at all. By sophomore year, millions of American students have terrible basic writing skills.

In walks the writing tutor offering sage advice. In a perfect world, the solution is at hand. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world. When the tutor's plan is nothing more than teaching the same complicated grammar lessons the struggling student failed to grasp over ten years, it is no surprise that the process often fails.

Thankfully, there is hope. I liken the challenge to the game of golf for the average weekend player. Learn how to use a few clubs very well instead of taking a year to learn the perfect grip. Learn to eliminate the most frequent writing errors with simple concepts, rather than attempting to learn ten years worth of writing rules using a memorization method. When high school and college students constantly violate two basic rules governing commas, there is no need to memorize fifteen complicated principles until the basics are second-nature. In one month, students can drastically improve their writing skills using a simple, affordable method.

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