The Uncomplicated Writing Tutor


After many years of writing and teaching at the college and high school levels, I came to realize that even the best teachers complicate the heck out of everything. We are living in a different era where Boards of Education and other government agencies determine the curricula to which teachers and students must adhere, often without regard to learning styles. 

With twenty years of teaching and writing experience at several outstanding universities, I relocated to Florida and decided to accept a high school position as a Language Arts Instructor. What I learned was invaluable. For years, I had often wondered why my college students did not seem to write at the same level of proficiency possessed by students ten years earlier. My high school experience showed me how modern teaching curricula backed students into a corner and even with good intentions stifled their creativity. 

Taking a high school sophomore and asking her to memorize 1500 words and their definitions in a single semester at the rate of 100 words per week was a built-in recipe for failure. Students have become so intimidated by the teaching methods employed in 21st-century American classrooms that it is no wonder writing skills have slipped drastically over the last two decades. Even the best writing tutors tend to repeat the same lessons students failed to grasp in a classroom setting.  Often, the lessons are just TOO COMPLICATED and usually at a great expense to parents hoping to improve their children's writing skills.

I have an extensive background in the fields of writing and teaching at all levels (see my brief Curriculum Vitae). By simplifying the writing process for the modern student, my writing method is geared toward improvement, not standardized testing. My students focus on concepts rather than complicated rules. With just a few lessons in a short period of time at a reasonable expense, my students clean-up their written communication skills and gain the self-confidence they need to succeed at any academic level.

Please explore my four-week mini-courses and take the first uncomplicated steps toward writing proficiency:

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